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Use Danfo.js with Node.js Notebooks in Visual Studio Code

Danfo.js is an open-source, JavaScript library providing high-performance, intuitive, and easy-to-use data structures for manipulating and processing structured data.

Danfo.js is heavily inspired by the Pandas library and provides a similar interface and API. - Danfo.js Docs

A similar Tool Setup like Pandas & Jupyter Notebook in Python

In this tutorial, we will set up an environment to make data analysis…

Similar to Pandas & Jupyter Notebook in Python

In this tutorial, we will set up an environment to make data analysis with TypeScript and write our code in an interactive environment like Jupyter Notebook.

We will danfo.js which is built on top of Tensorflow and has a similar API like Pandas and tslab to make TypeScript available in…

Build a simple Perceptron algorithm with two inputs and a single output

In this example, we will think of a simplified case (image above) where we have a plant that is monitored by two sensors one will monitor if the plant gets enough sun and the other will monitor if it gets enough water.

Both sensors will just send 0 or 1…

JavaScript is not a class-based language, it’s an object (prototype) based. But we can work with classes, right? So the question is — how does that work?

This new feature was published with the ECMAScript 2015 version of JavaScript. It's syntactical sugar for those who like to work with classes.

Photo by James Harrison on Unsplash

Understanding and working with objects is a crucial part of JavaScript because almost everything in JavaScript is based on objects.

First, we will go through a theoretical part, where I will explain the difference between class-based and object-based programming languages, and afterward, we will go through a practical part on…

In the overview below, you see a list of primitive and reference data types, each with an example.

Photo by @stereophototyp on Unsplash.

In this post, I want to give you a first, short and clear overview of what BEM is, and how to use it.

BEM stands for:

  • Block
  • Element
  • Modifier

You have written or generated your OpenAPI Documentation and you want to publish it to share it with your team or the world.

We will be using an HTML page where we integrate the Swagger UI over a CDN, load our openapi.yaml, for this example I will use the Petstore…

With the OpenAPI Specification you can describe and document your RESTful API. In the diagram bellow you can see wich tools can help you describing your API and support you in the general workflow.

World of OpenAPI

The blue box in the center is the main subject of this story. We talk about…


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